Moretti 33cl £ 3.95
4.6% ABV.
Iconic and genuine Italian lager, light and refreshing. Slighty bitter on the palate, with its golden
colour, it is a nice sparkling aperitif or gentle companion for any meal (Gluten).

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco £ 25.00
11% ABV. Veneto DOCG
A sparkling dry graceful wine. It’s ideal as aperitif and faithful companion for the whole meal.
Made with Glera grapes, its bouquet range from citrus to white roses.

White Wine

Grillo £ 15.95
11.5% ABV. Sicily IGT
A fruity white wine from Sicily that brings memories of the land of Lemon. Its bouquet is floral and the taste slightly zesty with notes of pineapple.

Pinot Grigio £ 18.00
12% ABV. Veneto DOC
A traditional white wine from the north of Italy characterised by a dry and simple taste, pleasant with cheese, fish or meat. The right wine for those want a safe choice.

Falanghina £ 19.95
12.5% ABV. Campania IGT Beneventano
This wine from the Naples region tells us stories of pride & families. Dry and elegant on the palate with a romantic, wide range of floral scents, its aroma pairs perfectly with vegetarian dishes.

Frascati £ 24.00
12% ABV. Lazio DOC
The wine from the capital, Rome, known in the ancient period as “the golden wine”. Its flavours of white peach, lemon zest, green almond and sweet basil will drive your mind through a voyage in time and space.

Gavi £ 30.45
12% ABV. Piemonte DOCG
Gavi di Gavi is a famous white wine DOCG zone in Piedmont, north of Italy. The 1,200-hectare vineyard area surrounding the city of Gavi itself, generate the Piedmont’s finest white grape. This wine is distinguished by its sleek dry, crisp, floral, peachy and aromatic qualities. 

Rosè Wine

Pinot Grigio Blush £ 18.00
12% ABV. Veneto DOC
A pale pink wine from the north of Italy characterised by aromas of wild strawberry, apple and a hint of honey. Pleasant with cheeses, hams or white meats.  

Red Wine

Nero D’Avola £ 15.95
13% ABV. Sicily IGT
Smooth and superbly bold fruit-driven flavours that range from black cherry to prune. A honest and simple wine that can still surprise.

Primitivo £ 19.95
13% ABV. Puglia IGT Salento
Velvety and seductive with notes of blackberries and leather, this selected wine from Puglia, in the south of Italy, brings the warmth of an Italian summery sunset to your table.

Chianti £ 25.50
13% ABV. Tuscany DOCG
The dry red wine, Chianti is a blend from Tuscany. Medium bodied with a taste of red fruits and
sweet tobacco, accompanied with notes of pepper and oregano. Iconic presence on Italian tables.

Montepulciano £ 27.00
13,5% ABV. Abruzzo DOC
The second most planted grape in Italy, defines its dark, deep red with flavour of chocolate and dry taste of black fruits, with herbal-like scent. Matches perfectly with tasty food.

Valpolicella Ripasso £ 33.00
14% ABV. Veneto DOC
Deep ruby red wine, closely connected to the greatest wine of Valpolicella: Amarone. Valpolicella Ripasso, after pressing the dried grapes from which Amarone is made, is passed over the still warm marc of Amarone. A second alcoholic fermentation begins, which increases the alcoholic content and give to this full-bodied wine its velvety smoothness and the rich flavour of underwood, prunes and red fruits.

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