A New Menu

Every Season

More Choice, More Fresh, More Authentic

A New Menu every season means that you'll find always new, authentich and freshly made Italian Recipes to stimulate your palat and your curiosity.

The easy way rarely is best way. But the biggest satisfaction become from hard work and difficoult choises. That's way we dicided to challenge our self in a new a la carte menu every season: to Give You More.

You won't find a long list of different shades of grey, but you'll find delicious and tasty rainbow of dishes freshly made with love.

Our choice is to prepare fresh food every day with a great attention to the Quality of the Ingredients, the Right Execution and the most Healthy Way to cook (fats are reduced to the minimum and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is added raw).

Sorry if we don’t cook spaghetti or maccheroni and if we don’t prepare pizza.

This is our choice: let you experience a real home made dinner! Experience the Difference!

Autumn Menu

Starters (all served with fresh salad)


Tomino Cheese £ 6.95


Potatoes Pops filled with Gravy Sauce (VV) £ 5.45


Beetroot Falafels (VV) £ 4.95


Pasta Mains


Lasagne Ti Amo £ 12.45


Ravioli filled with Artichokes £15.50

Ravioli filled with Squash, Pecorino Romano & almonds £ 15.50


Ravioli filled with Wild Mushroom & Pecorino cheese £ 15.50


Ravioli filled with Lamb £ 16.50

Tagliolini with Clams £ 16.50



Aubergine Parmigiana with side Potatoes & Bread £ 12.50


Beef Stew with side Potatoes £ 15.50


Vegan Burger with Vegetables £ 12.50


Fried Chicken Fillets with Salad £ 13.95





Fresh salad £ 2.95


Fried potatoes £ 2.95


Mixed cooked vegetables £ 3.95


Bread £ 2.95


Garlic Ciabatta £ 3.95

Garlic Ciabatta with Cheddar £ 4.45


EVO Oil with freshly pressed Garlic £ 0.85





Mario’s Sundae Welsh ice cream £ 4.50


Figs Tart £ 5.95

Chocolate sponge pudding £ 4.95


Cheese Cake of the Day £ 4.95


Pannacotta £ 4.95


Gin & Tonic sorbet £ 4.50


Ice cream from £ 1.90

This menu may be subject to variations without notice.
If you have any allergies, please ask a member of our staff for further informations.
This menu is valid from the 22nd of September till the 24th of December.
Please note that is Highly Recommended to Book
(01492 623820)

If you have special request we are always happy to meet you: special cakes for special events, sustitutive ingredients for who has intolerances, allergies or can’t eat something. We are Different and we respect who is Different!

If your choice is vegan or vegetarian food, let us know. We can assure you to have different choices from our menu.

In our tradition there are so many kind of food that we certainly can find something suitable for You. 

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