We have a great attention to the preservation of healthiness

At Ti Amo we believe that healthiness starts in things we do most frequently: eating is one of them!

The best food in our opinion is the one that is tasty but not greasy, that's why we work with good ingredients and cook them in the best way to preserve our and our customers' health.

  • First choice: good ingredients.

  • Attention to “how” we cook.

We use only 100% aluminium pans; 100% inox, stainless steel pressure pots; stone pots for sauces and stews. All nichel free and stain free.

The excellence of Italian and Local cheeses and meats are combinated in our cusine, because for high quality food we need high quality ingredients.

We only use extra virgin olive oil, which is added raw after cooking, and every meal can be considered Low Fat (for example consider that there are no butter, cream or other grease added in our sponge cakes).

The Food we prepare with love is handmade at the restaurant, with fresh ingredients and follows those recipes that you could find in an Italian home, if you seat with an Italian Family at their table.

We prepare cakes for every occasion and as big as you like it! 

If you want to put your engagement ring inside, or you are diabetic and want it with fructose, simply come and have a chat with us.

We love Rimini, our home town, where we grow up and the place that forged our identy. As well we do love our new home, North Wales, one of the most amazing place to live in.

We learnt a lot about food in our country and we are proud of our traditional style, but we keep on learning and improving our skills thanks to the mixture of two different cultures.

The fusion will make all of us enjoin' what is new and what is coming from far away...

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